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Innovative programs

As the global focus is on a more sustainable future. We are here to impact every level and aspect of society, there is a real need for professionals who can demonstrate that contracting, construction, entrepreneurship and innovation are perhaps the most important drivers of change.

A truly global experience

Our challenges and opportunities in sustainable entrepreneurship are global challenges. Through experiential projects in 3 continents, we developed a truly global insight and successfully implemented global manufacturing strategies in different business environments, while making a difference to society.


  • We Reduced production costs and tooling costs.
  • Our programs are easily adapted to change. …
  • We stay focused on innovation
Constructing new pathways to sustainable innovation

Our team applies their knowledge acquisition and sustainable ambitions through the implementation of entrepreneurial initiatives and projects. SON meets the demands of a global entrepreneurial environment.

Manufacturing the future

The next era of global growth and innovation. Manufacturing remains a critical force in both advanced and developing economies. We made transformation to the sector, bringing new opportunities and challenges to business leaders and policy makers.

We have become one of the leading global manufacturing sectors. We supported developing economies to become the first manufacturing nations.

We are the vital source of innovation and competitiveness, bringing both opportunities and challenges in a new manufacturing environment.


The world is our marketplace

Our future is global. We aim for technological self-reliance, having already provided incentives to build up domestic production & development with cutting-edge technologies. With high implementation of anti-pollution standards, and the ability of world governments to help small, private firms deal with short-term operational difficulties while promoting & encouraging the innovation process necessary to upgrade the nation’s manufacturing base.

“Building Better Futures”

London, England
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