Seeds of Needs (SON) is the first corporation of its kind in the world, with a vision that started in 2015. We came into existence with a massive drive for reinforcement and change to conquer the world’s economic problems. We are shedding light on our vision after consecutive achievements and great project successes. With over 800 institutes and numerous sustainable projects, we are confident to say that we are facing a new historical stage.

SON is a global firm consisting of separate entities with a unified industrial vision that operates as a whole.

SON has adopted British standards on quality assurance while marketing Chinese & Russian industrial supplies to the world. In addition to being a neutral entity in terms of communications and negotiations with the rest of the world, SON sets their standards at the highest possible benchmark to ensure success in every project we are involved in.



1. Our factories are technologically advanced and equipped to the highest standard


2. Our system includes 3D Printing & Robotics Systems


3. Our factories include significant energy saving


4. SON guarantees international quality standards


5. Our factories are built in a way to sustain any updated technologies {meaning our factories can be updated & revamped easily}

We are a guaranteed and reliable source for Chinese industries and third-party contractors between agencies and ventures. Under the standards of SON, 800 institutes in 2020 had revenue of $3 billion dollars with a net worth profit of $24 million dollars. This was an indicator to increase margins for expanded projects beyond 2020.

We operate worldwide in collaboration with our host countries, liaising with relevant institutions and local communities.



SON is in direct link and association with the giant Chinese finance companies that allow us to finance projects for countries in return for a sovereign guarantee.

We offer world-class Chinese factories, 100 billion level enterprises and booming investments.

We offer comprehensive, international expertise in a broad range of industrial practices, including contracting & re-establishing modern futuristic cities around the world. The factories that are sold through SON are high quality factories, we operate on a kaizen philosophy of continual improvement within our operations as well as that of the projects. They have guaranteed assurance permits, with competitive global standards. We adopted the British Standard for classification.

We built a strong ground in construction, assembling sustainable plans that boost any economy. When it comes to 3 story building projects they are built in China to be assembled anywhere in the world. SON ensures production speed and quality within a short lead time. This is a unique quality of SON. Cities can be built at an expeditious timeframe.

We believe we are the greatest business model of the present century, for hi-tech constructions, exposing firms and government divisions to many trading opportunities.

When it comes to trade, we are International traders in various industries. We guide governments into trading opportunities that help their countries to thrive.


At SON, we function in every country across the globe; creating endless manufacturing sectors and revolutionary opportunities with financial resources that fit each country and its values. We aim to inspire 3rd world countries, to motivate, encourage & persuade governments to function into delivering excellence. We are boosting the evolution of our business model. This will take us to 2050 and combine economic, financial and environmental stability.

Energy Efficient Programs

Sustainable Industrial Units

Environmental reclamation: a development opportunity for any economy

Our mission is to enhance industrial development, economic growth and bring social change. Enriching countries with high-tech Chinese automations.

Our focus is on constantly developing long-term partnerships with administrations, aiming to maximize the potential of our business outcomes and delivering sustainable solutions to civilizations through transparency, cooperation, innovation and reliability.

Our initiative is selling Chinese modern factories that are in the course of industrial revolution and upgrading. We are the eye of the tide in the wave of transformation.

We concretely support a just energy transition, with the objective of preserving our planet and promoting an efficient and sustainable access to energy for all.

Successful projects


Development Through Integrity

At SON, we value performance achieved with integrity. The results of our services came back positive in 2020, the feedback so tremendous, attaining continuous success in each country we operated in. Our institutes around the world contribute with full dedication & devotion; working towards the year 2050, with the Chinese prospect and vision to move towards alternative clean energy in accordance with the directions and directives of the Chinese government. We have a great desire to develop green energy sectors.


Alternative Clean Energy

China’s installed capacity of solar power reached 252 GW and wind power capacity was 282 GW, as of 2020. China’s renewable energy sector is growing faster than its fossil fuels and nuclear power capacity. China has pledged to achieve carbon neutrality before 2060 and peak emissions before 2030. We will gain from this experience. We aim to create and generate alternative clean energy to emerging markets, schools, businesses and communities all around the world. All can benefit from our programs.

Long Lasting Prosperity

Our advanced industrial services are our accomplishments. We develop, monitor and record the progress done in every city we manage. Our work is based on passion, innovation, responsibility, integrity, and transparency of our actions as well as our unique strengths & skills. We recognize diversity as a key value for human development and we believe in the value of long term partnerships with the countries & communities in which we operate, bringing long-lasting prosperity to all.

“Building Better Futures”

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